:: Please Welcome our Newest Member, [GUS] Gl0ckman ::

So far we've got 15 members here at [GUS]. In order for all these guys to have gotten into the clan, a member must not need to show extreme skill but be able to play with good sportsmanship. A guy/girl that is frequently playing on our server and contributing on our forums just may be granted a slot on the roster;)

:: Interested? We're recruiting!! ::

Click Here for Membership Requirements

Now, in no particular order, here is our list of members at [GUS]

[GUS] Las1YouLsee™
[GUS] Tap
[GUS] Magikman aka PapaFocker
[GUS] Mike Love™
[GUS] Partytime
[GUS] Turbo-Nator™
[GUS] NeOnRaBbIt aka teh PiMp
[GUS] Go0S3Man
[GUS] Johnny 5mm
[GUS] Irishman
[GUS] rCo
[GUS] TommyGun
[GUS] Awol
[GUS] Crossfire
[GUS] Gl0ckman