About Us...

The Acronymn G.U.S. Stands for "Geeks Unloading Steam" :: This is not in anyway a reference to Valve's "Steam" :: In Fact, we have never limited ourselves to one gametype, especially not Steam games :: The Term means "Guys Blowing-off Steam" or "Guys Unloading Rage" except the "Guys" are Computer Geek-types so-to-speak :: Basically a bunch of Guys that work hard and would like a little time out of the real world to shoot some people :: You know, Unload some stress, Discharge some built up rage

[GUS] began in 2003 when two brothers got together online to play a little Ghost Recon. They started to spread their fun around and began to invite other friends and family into the exciting, heart pounding games of Ghost Recon on Friday nights.

Before long they were playing every new game that would come out. The evening would always begin with some Ghost Recon, but then would escalate to a little bit of WWII battling in Call of Duty. Eventually the night would give way to some futuristic battles on distant planets in Halo; as time goes on, so do we.

A little Counter-Strike Source today, and perhaps some Ghost Recon: Advanced War fighter tomorrow... Stick around!!